A very close team and only a objective, win!

The team was born in 1992, and our professionalism derives from the professional undertaking, the results and Antonio’s personal capacities, as he is the essence of this Team. We now assist national and international pilots, from Portugal to Japan, and expand our activity in the motor racing sector.
During the last year we co-operated with youngsters who nowadays stand out in the international motor racing world, such as for instance Davide Mangeri, Elisa Giordan, Danilo Rossi, Augusto Do Santos “Farfus”, Maldonado, Liuzzi, Pantano, Hanley, Kobayashi and many others.
As far as motor racing is concerned, the “Formula Azzurra” and the “Formula Renault 2000 CH” are the minimum set goals to professionally enter in the motor racing world and aspire to targets which are considered as possible, by making use of Augusto Farfus’s technical consultancies – he is the pilot running in the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship). Moreover, we represent Maranello Kart srl for the passage of their kart pilots into the formula championship.

  • Ieropoli Antonio


  • Jeropoli maurizio

    Team manager addetto pubbliche relazioni

  • Jeropoli Elisa


  • Cavedoni Matteo

    Tecnico telemetrista

  • La Guardia Matilde

    Ing. di pista

  • Alfieri Raffaele


  • Ciancetti Luca


  • Altomare Paolo

    Aiuto ing. di pista

  • Fontana Marco

    Tecnico telemetrista

  • Venturi Mirko

    Coach driver

  • Tocchio Armando

    Ass. tecnico

  • Mazzono Cristian

    Ass. tecnico

  • Bardelli Edoardo

    Aiuto ass. tecnico

  • Maccini Daniele

    Aiuto ass. tecnico

  • Castiglia Mauro

    Aiuto ass. tecnico

  • Pino


  • Ferrara Domenico

    Aiuto Ass. tecnico

  • Ravizzola Franco

    Ass. tecnico

  • Calzavara Daniele


  • Massimo Olivieri

    Aiuto assistente meccanico

  • Mario Chiara Di Vasco

    Ing. di pista


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